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Tuesday, 5th September 2017 19:15
01256 780940
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If you’ve always thought you would like to learn to play bridge, but have just never got round to it; if you would like to try something new and challenging which opens up a wide new social circle for you and introduces you to a game that can be enjoyed at so many different levels; if you played a little years ago, but have forgotten most of what you ever learned; if you’ve never even played cards before, but would like to see what it is all about: why not come along to Basingstoke Bridge Club on Tuesday 5th September at 7.15 pm? We have been running classes for beginners for many years now. Every year some class members go on to become members of the club and most become as addicted to the game as the rest of us.

Beginners’ classes take place on Tuesday evenings (7.15 to 10.00 pm). The course runs from September to July with various breaks for holidays. The cost is £60.00 for each of the three terms of ten lessons. The first of these evenings is entirely free. You will find yourself playing a mini version of bridge on the very first night. Each lesson comprises about 20-30 minutes teaching followed by lots of practice hands to play. You will receive notes and copies of the hands with commentary every week, together with some homework to keep you up to speed. The course is run by Chris and Helen Kinloch who can be contacted by e-mail: kinloch@btinternet.com or telephone 01264 333175.

Basingstoke Bridge Club is a very friendly club with over 200 members. Visitors are always welcome. We have bridge every day from Monday to Friday. Our main evenings are Mondays and Fridays, and there is also bridge on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Thursday evenings are for less experienced players who do not feel ready to join the other sessions. Table money for visitors is £3.00, but the first Thursday you play you will not be charged. (To find out more about Thursdays, telephone George Collins on 01256 780940.)

The club address is Maydene, Sherborne Road, Basingstoke RG21 5TG.

For more information see our web site:  www.basingstokebridgeclub.co.uk


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  • Tuesday, 5th September 2017 19:15

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